Name Cause of death Killer Notes


Pulled underwater and eaten Thresher shark Was mentioned by sheriff Sabin As he was just about to dunk Nick In the water with a tiger shark.
Maya Knocked off Boat into water, grabbed and eaten Bull shark
Gordon Bitten in stomach/Yanked off Tree branch and eaten Bull Shark Forced into water
Beth Bitten all over body/Face/drowned in the water Dennis, Red, Cookie Cutter Shark's Pushed into water
Malik Drowned/Eaten Mako Shark Sacrificed, Jumped off jet ski boat
Blake Decapitated/plucked off jet ski boat into water/eaten Great White Shark
Sherrif Sabin Burned, fell into shark tank/ eaten Nick, Tiger Sharks Lit on fire by Nick, forcing him to go in the water with the Tiger Shark
Red Knife thrown into chest, drowned in water Dennis Betrayed
Dennis Ripped appart/eaten Sara, Great white shark Handcuffed to the Shark Cage