Keith kissing Jess.

Keith is a character in Shark Night 3D portrayed by Damon Lipari. He is the boyfriend of Jess and only appears at the beginning of the film. He was unaware that his girlfriend was attacked and devoured by a shark.

Shark Night 3D

Keith first appears scaring his girlfriend Jess as she is going for a swim in the lake by going under her from underwater and lifting her up on his shoulders. She tells him to put her down and he does so. They then proceed to make out and he takes off her bikini top after she unsuccessfully tells him not to do it claiming that this isn't a nude beach. He plays around with her before throwing it away. She tells him to go and get it but he refuses telling her that he will meet up with her later as he needs to go get something to eat, he kisses her and gets out of the water to go back to their trailer with the music inside of it on loudly.

While Keith is eating and listening to the music he is unaware that Jess is being attacked by a shark in the water after she retrieves her bikini top. Jess screams for help but its no use as Keith can't her a thing while inside the trailer with the music loud. Jess is immediately pulled underwater and devoured as an unaware Keith failed to witness it.


  • Keith is silghtly based on Tom Cassidy a character from Jaws whom Chrissie Watkins was trying to pressure into going swimming with her.
  • In the original script, Keith is also killed during the film's opening after finding some of Jess' remains on the shore. He survives the final film.