Jessica Marni "Jess" Randall is a character in Shark Night 3D portrayed by Christine Quinn. She only appears at the beginning of the flim and is the first victim.

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Jess first appears when she is shown wadding out into the lake, her boyfriend Keith swims from underwater behind her and lifts her up on his shoulders, briefly frightening her. She tells him to put her down and he does so. They then proceed to make out and he strips her of her bikini top after she unsuccessfully protests him not to do it saying it is not a nude beach. He plays around with her before throwing the top further into the water. She tells him to go back and get it but he refuses and tells her he will meet up with her later as he needs go get something to eat. She kisses him before he gets out of the water to go back to their trailer. She mumbles wistfully that he is "So bad."


Jess is attacked in the water.

No sooner does she retrieve her top and puts it back on though that a shark
A scene from shark night 3d (5)

The shark grabs Jess.

caught her bikini bottom and attacks her. She screams for help but Keith was unaware. She tries to climb up to the ladder but is dragged back down. She is instantly killed when the shark drags her underwater and devours her with the water chumming up bloody red.


  • Jess's death in the opening scene is a reference to the character Chrissie Watkins's death in the opening scene of the film Jaws.
  • When she is being attacked, her top comes lose, but in the next cut it is retied.
  • In the script Keith finds her remains.
  • Instead of just making out and pulling her top Keith was originally supposed to do an inappropriate version of CPR on Jess, groping her boobs for the "chest compressions".

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